Remaining Neutral While You Wait

Recently, I watched a video featuring Pastor Touré Roberts and his wife, Sarah Jakes-Roberts. The video was called “5 Keys for Before and After ‘I do'” and it was a really good video for both singles and married folks. (I encourage you to check it out if you haven’t already.) I got a lot of great nuggets from the video but one thing stood out to me the most. When Pastor Touré was on the subject of the importance of receiving a confirmation from God before choosing a spouse, he mentioned that we need to remain neutral. As I’m sure you know, when you’re neutral it means you’re not on either side of a thing; you’re in the middle. The reason it’s imperative that we remain neutral is so we can hear clearly from God. Think about it. If you desperately want God to say, “Yes”, to whatever it is you’re asking of Him, that’s all you’re going to hear. God could be saying, “No,” but because you want so badly for Him to say, “Yes”, you may begin making excuses. “Well, maybe I didn’t hear God correctly.” “Maybe it’s me and I’m missing the yes.” When we’re neutral, we’re open to the fact that God may say “Yes” OR “No”. As I type this, I am striving to get to that place of neutrality as I await to hear from God. I believe it comes down to surrendering to God’s Will for our lives and trusting that He knows best. God knows us wayyyy better than we will ever know ourselves. When we can truly embrace that, it’s easier to be neutral and open to WHATEVER God wants for us. Many of us say, “I want God’s will for my life.” But do we really?

I challenge you, as I challenge myself, to remain neutral when it comes to whatever you’re seeking God about right now. Whether you want God’s answer about the spouse you should choose, the job you should take, or the new city you want to move to…  Don’t let your feelings keep you from hearing God clearly.

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Love, Mizz K



How to Create a Simple Budget

Let me just say that I’m the LAST person to call myself an expert lol. But I’ve realized in talking to different people that some people just do NOT know how to create a budget! So I’m sharing this video I recently posted to YouTube on how to create a simple budget. Creating this budget is just the first step in managing your money, but it’s the most crucial as it sets the foundation. Part 2 “How to Cut Expenses” will be coming soon.



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March Seventeenth

To everyone else, today is St. Patricks Day. Many people are wearing their green and pinching those who forgot to wear theirs. And many people are probably celebrating by chugging down some beer. For me, every year on this day I celebrate my brother’s birthday, a brother I never met. He was taken away from my mother when he was about 6 years old (in 1982). She was trying to find him before she died which is one of the reasons I made it my business to locate him but kept hitting dead ends so I eventually gave up. But I still can’t help but wonder. How does he look? How does he act? What does he do?

He was born Isaac Frank Kittrell on 3/17/76 but I don’t know if his name was changed or if he’s even still in the DC area. As a teen, I used to walk around with his picture in my pocket until one day I accidentally washed the jeans with the picture still in them. Completely faded it. So now I have no picture, no info, nothing. But I do trust that if it’s in God’s Will for me to meet him, I will.