Pain, Promiscuity, Purpose: From Mess To Ministry

She can remember as far back as the age of 3 years old. She remembers being often beaten by her sister and having her fingers burned atop a gas stove as punishment. On the outside, she was an average little girl. But on the inside, she struggled with an addiction.
When she was ten years old, her mother died suddenly, leaving her alone in the world and feeling like nobody loved her.
Growing up, she was verbally and emotionally abused by the man who should have been her protector.
The combination of a growing sexual addiction and her desperate need to feel loved led to years of promiscuity. She sought fulfillment in sex, partying, and working in a strip club.
She had always been a church girl, attending Sunday services and Bible Study during the week, but it wasn’t until she began to read the Word of God that she began to feel convicted of the life she was living. Eventually, she got tired of the never-ending cycles of getting hurt and hurting others. She grew tired of the emptiness she felt after meaningless sex. She gave her life to Christ, and in Him, she found freedom, healing, and purpose.

She is Me.

“Pain, Promiscuity, Purpose: From Mess To Ministry”

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