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Steve Harvey Not Fit To Give Relationship Advice?

I’ve recently noticed how many people discredit Steve Harvey’s advice because he’s on his 3rd marriage. But I’d like to think he has learned some valuable lessons from having two failed marriages. Furthermore, when I open up my Bible, I see God has a history of using “UNQUALIFIED” people for His glory.

If Steve Harvey is disqualified as a relationship expert because of his past, that would mean Paul (formerly known as Saul) should have been disqualified from writing the majority of the NT because he was once a Christian-persecuting pharisee.

If Steve Harvey is disqualified as a relationship expert because of his past, an ex-drug addict should be disqualified to speak on the importance of living a drug-free life.

If Steve Harvey is disqualified as a relationship expert because of his past, that means I should be disqualified to teach youth and young adults about the importance of sexual abstinence because of MY promiscuous past.

Get where I’m going? It is our MISTAKES, lessons learned, and hardships that allows us to help those who are where we USED to be. (And if you’re honest, when you’re going through something, you’d rather hear from people who have been where you are.)

God can use EVERYTHING for His good. I’m not a super fan of Steve Harvey who believes everything he says is golden. I just believe we should stop trying to disqualify who God already qualified. If He says yes, who dare say no?

“But how do we even know he is called by God?” One might ask. We don’t. Only he knows. And it’s not even our business. But I know one thing, he is using what he learned to help others.

Serious question… What are YOU doing with the lessons you’ve learned?

Why on Earth Would I Want To Stop Having Sex?

While it has not always been popular to abstain from sex, I believe more people today are open to giving it a try. More than ever, there are books, videos, blogs, and social media posts promoting sexual abstinence. And, it’s not only women. Men are promoting it too! There is a double standard that says men don’t practice abstinence because “they have needs.” I believe that is one of the biggest lies the devil ever told. He wants us to believe it is impossible, but I am thankful more men are speaking out and declaring that abstinence is possible for everyone.

In my new eBook, “Not My Goodies: 10 Benefits of Practicing Abstinence until Marriage, I highlight some of the benefits I’ve discovered while on my journey. I’ve also talked with different men and women to get their perspectives as well. I am a former sex addict. I can write that now without fear of judgment because I’ve finally learned to accept that was what I was. Sex literally ran my life. It was all I thought about. Most people can remember a time when sex wasn’t a dominant thought. I can’t. As far back as I can remember, sex has been on my mind, even when I was three years old. I wrote about this in detail in my book, Pain, Promiscuity, Purpose: From Mess To Ministry. Being freed from my addiction has helped me realize there is more to life than a few minutes of pleasure followed by the heartaches and the consequences that sometimes come along with sex. This freedom has been the happiest period of my life. For the first time, ever, I am living a sex-free life. Click here to find out the first benefit I discovered of abstinence.


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