How To Heal From a Broken Heart

Have you recently gone through a break up and having trouble getting over your ex? I TRULY understand as I’ve been there before. In my latest YouTube video, I give advice on some of the things you can do to quickly get over him. The first tip I give is to give yourself TIME! The worse thing you can do is try to rush the process of healing. Remember, it took some time to fall IN love with him so it’s going to take awhile to fall OUT of love with him. (See related article: Does He LOVE You or is He SETTLING For You??? RACHAEL vs. LEAH…)

After watching this video, please let me know if these tips were helpful to you. Also, let me know of some things that worked for you that I did not mention in the video. If you have any questions or prayer requests, feel free to email me at

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Love, Mizz K

How to Create a Simple Budget

Let me just say that I’m the LAST person to call myself an expert lol. But I’ve realized in talking to different people that some people just do NOT know how to create a budget! So I’m sharing this video I recently posted to YouTube on how to create a simple budget. Creating this budget is just the first step in managing your money, but it’s the most crucial as it sets the foundation. Part 2 “How to Cut Expenses” will be coming soon.



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