Do I REALLY Wanna Be Celibate 🤔 {VIDEO}

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Dear Single Women of God,

Don’t ever feel bad or apologetic about your standards. It is one thing to require that a man make a certain salary or be a certain height (those are preferences). It is another if your non-negotiable standards include that a man must at the LEAST be a real man of God who actually has relationship with Him. You may desire a praying man who spends time in God’s Word. And there is nothing wrong with that. I’ve had conversations with quite a few people who have made comments such as “You just might be the one who brings him to the Lord”. No, thank you. I have been there, not once but a few times. And it is not for ME. Sure, we hear stories of how couples met and one was a believer and the other one wasn’t but ended up getting saved and they lived happily ever after. One thing I’ve come to understand is that not everybody’s story will be MY story. So I am not moved when presented with that scenario like I was just recently. I’m glad these conversations are coming up now that I know who I AM. Two or Three years ago I may have been convinced I was asking for too much. But when you know who you are called to be and know your purpose, you understand that you can’t align with just anybody.
Does our relationship glorify God?
Can we win souls together? That’s what I look for. If I’m down and need encouragement, can you pray for me? If he’s still on the fence we’ll both waver during those times. No thanks.
Ladies, we’re talking about the man who will become the head/the priest of our homes who we must submit to. Do not be apologetic about your standards.
Love, Mizz K ♥
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Mizz K is a poet, speaker, and author of Pain, Promiscuity, Purpose: From Mess To Ministry and Not My Goodies
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