Have you ever been trying to get to know a woman & she seemed kind of interested but wouldn’t give you a chance?  You wonder why she barely responds to your texts? And when she does, it’s usually dry….. Why every time you ask to see her, she is “busy”? Besides the fact that she could already have a man & that she could truly be very busy, it could also be something else: it could be your approach.


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If you constantly ask her, “When are we going to chill?” Or “When can I see you?” that tells her a few things that are not good. It can tell her that you are 1) not serious about her & probably just wanna get in her pants 2) she is not worth a real date 3) you do not know how to treat a lady because you are used to little girls who are okay with “just chilling” as a first date. If you are not serious about her or anyone at the moment, this is not for you. But, if you are serious about wanting to get to know her & are serious about finding your GOOD THING AND OBTAINING  FAVOR FROM THE LORD, keep reading. I am giving the first couple of steps to get to know her. KEEPING her is a whole other subject we can discuss later but you have to GET her first. I am not an expert; I am just writing from a woman’s perspective & I have to tell you, this is something that A LOT of guys do. If that is not you, cool. If it is, please stop right now, okay? Kay.

First, when talking to her you must express interest in something that’s important to her. Maybe ask questions about her career or what she enjoys doing…. Or maybe even about something she’s told you she has been working on. Us women love talking & we love for a man to LISTEN; and we like to feel like you actually care about what we are telling you. Ask about her children if she has them… & her family. Showing interest is very important because we often times come across guys who barely like to talk, let alone listen. Famous line from guys, “I don’t like talking on the phone.” Well WE do! For hours sometimes lol. I’m just saying, show us something different.

Ask her OUT. Do NOT ask if you can chill. Do NOT ask if she can come see you or if you can go see her. Ask her out to dinner….. Or some place where you could have fun & get to know one another (bowling, for example or going to a live show). I am not saying you have to spend a lot of money & you have to “wine & dine” her & go all out. That’s not what I’m saying at all. I am only saying that when you are truly trying to get to know a WOMAN (hint: not a girl) you have to show some effort. Like I said talk to her, get to know her, date her. And give her some time to warm up to you…. If you get her number today don’t ask her if you can see her tonight. For me, I like to talk on the phone a little bit with a man just to see if I even want to go out on a date with him. Every woman is different; I am only speaking for myself & for some other women I know who agree with me.


What if you are ALREADY doing these things & she is still not responding, not trying to going out on a date with you, & still not showing you any interest? Unfortunately, she is not into you & probably doesn’t know how to tell you; so she ignores you hoping you will eventually get the hint and give up. I know that’s not the right way to go about it. She should be honest about how she feels, which is the mature thing to do. But some find it easier to “disappear” than to formally break things off. 

This is all for now. More discussion on this topic coming soon. 

Love, Mizz K ♥

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Living to please God, not man

Sitting here thinking about how much we wanna impress our bosses at work with working extra hard & showing initiative…. & how we wanna impress our Pastors, “Pastor, I read some Word last night!” And just how much we look for a pat on the back from other people. But what about a pat on the back from God? Lately I’ve been focusing on doing what I feel will make Him proud of me & what will bring Him glory. I have this image in my mind of Him smiling everytime I please Him. Ultimately, this is what life’s all about. We were made for HIS pleasure, not our own.
We have to start developing the mindset NOW to be pleasing to God, not man. When making any type of decisions, ask yourself if God will get glory out of this?
Don’t look for man to validate u; dont look for a pat on the back from man; dont look to be pleasing to man. Man’s opinions will pass away but God’s love & favor are eternal

Love, Mizz K ♥

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Matthew 6:14-15

What if God gave us a limit on how many times He would forgive us? He forgives us EVERY time we ask; so what right do we have to put a limit on how many times we’ll forgive someone? We don’t have to earn God’s forgiveness… Its given to us freely when we ask. So how can we require someone to earn back our forgiveness?

Forgiving others is not a request; it is a commandment. Remember we must forgive to be forgiven

For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespassesMatthew 6:14-15

Love, Mizz K ♥

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