Living to please God, not man

Sitting here thinking about how much we wanna impress our bosses at work with working extra hard & showing initiative…. & how we wanna impress our Pastors, “Pastor, I read some Word last night!” And just how much we look for a pat on the back from other people. But what about a pat on the back from God? Lately I’ve been focusing on doing what I feel will make Him proud of me & what will bring Him glory. I have this image in my mind of Him smiling everytime I please Him. Ultimately, this is what life’s all about. We were made for HIS pleasure, not our own.
We have to start developing the mindset NOW to be pleasing to God, not man. When making any type of decisions, ask yourself if God will get glory out of this?
Don’t look for man to validate u; dont look for a pat on the back from man; dont look to be pleasing to man. Man’s opinions will pass away but God’s love & favor are eternal

Love, Mizz K ♥

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