Share your story… whether people like it or not…

Since I’ve released my book, “Pain, Promiscuity, Purpose: From Mess To Ministry” quite a few people have confided in me telling me they also have stories they wish they could tell. And each person admitted that they were worried about what others may think, specifically their families. I tell people what one of my friends told me when I told him how nervous I was about releasing my book. His response was, “It’s not your job to worry about their feelings. Whoever hurt you shouldn’t have done what they did.” Now I will say this, writing a book is not about EXPOSING anyone. It is about telling your story and releasing what you’ve held onto for years (for some people, their entire lives). It is about sharing your story of how you overcame so others will know they too can overcome. It is about glorifying GOD by sharing what He brought you through or what He delivered you from. And yes, some things and people will get exposed. But does that mean you protect those people at the expense of your own healing? Absolutely not! If it makes you feel better, you can attempt to talk to the person/persons (if you have a relationship with them) and let them know you’re about to write a book, post a video, or share a testimony that includes your experience with them. No matter what, though, there will be many people who will not like it. Especially if that person is loved. And this is when you’re going to have to (excuse my expression lol) put on your big girl panties. I had to. I’ve had family bad mouth my book who haven’t even opened it up lol, because of what or who they THINK it’s about. I’ve learned that this is just something that comes with sharing your truth. Prepare to have people upset with you. Prepare to get talked about. Prepare to have family members stop talking to you. Prepare to be blocked on Facebook. Also… prepare for God to be glorified when you share how your past could have taken you out but because of Him, it DIDN’T. Prepare for people to come to you telling you how much they needed to read your story because they’ve struggled or are struggling with the same thing. Prepare for people to tell you how they’ve been holding in their testimony for years but hearing or reading yours gave them the courage to finally let it out. Prepare for people asking you to come speak to their youth group or a group of women/men who are going through the very thing you came out of. Sharing my testimony and writing my book have been so freeing. And the number of people who have been blessed is confirmation for me that I’m doing what God calls me to do. And that’s glorifying Him by being transparent about my mess that has turned into my ministry. Share your story.

~Love, Mizz K ❤

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Being a mother can bring out the best in us. It can also bring…

…the ‘not-so-good’ out of us. Since I became a mother (12 years ago) I’ve learned things about myself that I don’t think I would have ever learned had I not become a Mommy. While my daughter brings a silliness out of me that I thought I left in my childhood and love that literally makes my chest hurt, having her also brought out my brokenness, insecurities, and all the pain I had buried inside of me. I write about this in my article Confession From An Imperfect Mother so I won’t go into detail here, but I’m grateful that God used her to show me-me. What prompted me to write this article was realizing how the text I got from my daughter’s teacher today completely changed my mood. He texted me that she wasn’t following directions and was even rude when he redirected her. I’ve recently realized that I could be having a perfect day, but the moment something is off with my daughter, my perfect day is no more. What is that? Am I the only Mommy who this happens to? I don’t think I’m the only one but I certainly don’t think it’s a good thing.  I could be wrong but I think maybe this happens when we tie our identities to our children. The moment they act up, we question whether we’re doing a good job. When we punish them, we wonder whether it was too harsh or not harsh enough. When we’re in public and our kids are acting out, we look around us to make sure no one is looking. Or am I the only one that can admit this? lol

I’m told often what a great mother I am and how great of a job I’m doing, but people don’t realize how much I lean on God to help me. I’m constantly praying for Him to help me say the right thing, help me deliver the most effective consequences, help me lay a solid foundation so that when she’s on her own she doesn’t stray too far from it. (Proverbs 22:) I go to Him for everything concerning her. After all, He created her so He knows the best way to deal with her.

I see more than ever how important it is for us as Mommies to take care ourselves so we can take good care of our babies. If we don’t, unfortunately, they end up suffering consequences that have nothing to do with them, but everything to do with us

Motherhood is a journey in which we have no idea the bumps and turns we’ll run into along the way. Many of us are just winging it while many of us are reading every piece of literature we can on how to be a good Mommy. Whichever of the two you are (I think I’m in the middle lol), know you are not alone. That’s actually one of the things I find comfort in, knowing there are other Mommies out there who feel the same as me. And being able to come to this blog for therapy, to transparently write out what’s on my mind. Whether 10 people read it or 10,000 there is something therapeutic about taking the thoughts in your head and writing them on a piece of paper or typing them onto a computer screen. You instantly feel better because you’ve let it out. If you haven’t already, you should try 🙂

If you can relate, I’d love to hear from you. If you can’t, I’d love to hear from you as well. I need to know how you detach so well lol.

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Until Next time!

Love, Mizz K 


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Dear Single Women of God,

Don’t ever feel bad or apologetic about your standards. It is one thing to require that a man make a certain salary or be a certain height (those are preferences). It is another if your non-negotiable standards include that a man must at the LEAST be a real man of God who actually has relationship with Him. You may desire a praying man who spends time in God’s Word. And there is nothing wrong with that. I’ve had conversations with quite a few people who have made comments such as “You just might be the one who brings him to the Lord”. No, thank you. I have been there, not once but a few times. And it is not for ME. Sure, we hear stories of how couples met and one was a believer and the other one wasn’t but ended up getting saved and they lived happily ever after. One thing I’ve come to understand is that not everybody’s story will be MY story. So I am not moved when presented with that scenario like I was just recently. I’m glad these conversations are coming up now that I know who I AM. Two or Three years ago I may have been convinced I was asking for too much. But when you know who you are called to be and know your purpose, you understand that you can’t align with just anybody.
Does our relationship glorify God?
Can we win souls together? That’s what I look for. If I’m down and need encouragement, can you pray for me? If he’s still on the fence we’ll both waver during those times. No thanks.
Ladies, we’re talking about the man who will become the head/the priest of our homes who we must submit to. Do not be apologetic about your standards.
Love, Mizz K ♥
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Mizz K is a poet, speaker, and author of Pain, Promiscuity, Purpose: From Mess To Ministry and Not My Goodies