You Want A Certain Type Of Woman; But Are You The Type Of Man That That Type Of Woman Wants? 

You want a certain type of woman… but are you the type of man that that type of woman would want?

You say she has to “have her own” but are YOU out of your parent’s house? That includes your grandparents’, cousins’, aunt’s, or uncle’s house too.

Do you have a career or even have a job? You require independence in a woman; yet, you do not possess it yourself.

Can you fill her refrigerator with food? You require your woman to cook for you every day; but do you help her out with groceries?

You say you want your woman to have a car; but do YOU have one?

You say you want a woman with no kids; but…. you have two or three kids yourself??

Or maybe you are the type willing to step up & be a father to her children; yet your own children are walking around father-less.

You want your woman to have a “BANGING” body, and she needs to “compliment you”; but you are 50 pounds overweight.

You said you want a church going woman; but that is confusing because you only attend church on Palm and Easter Sunday.

You want a woman “who knows how to treat a man”; a woman who respects you, admires you, and “lets a man be a man”.

But are YOU respectable…… admirable? Are you a MAN?

You love to point out scriptures like Genesis 2:18 which says woman was made to be man’s helper, and Ephesians 5:22 where it says a WIFE submits to her HUSBAND; yes sir, I’ve read those scriptures. But… I also read in Genesis 2:24 that a man is to LEAVE (keyword) his mother and father and become one with his wife; and I read in 1 Timothy 5:8 that a man who does not provide for his own house has denied the faith & is worse than a non-believer.

There is nothing wrong with wanting an independent, church going woman who cooks & “knows how to treat her man”.. but understand this, that woman wants a certain type of man.

I recently had a conversation with someone from my past; he expressed that he wanted to marry me. I had to be completely honest with him about why he is not the man for me. Besides the fact that he cannot provide for or lead a family he is not TRYING to make his situation better. And that is evidence that he lacks what is most important to me…. striving to become the man that Gods calls him to be. The man for me is in God’s word, a reader and a doer; he understands that he is called to be a leader, a protector, a provider. I had to be quite blunt with him; he is not even ready for me. Not just because he does not have a steady job; not just because he stays with family… but because he is OKAY with it. And because he is okay with staying home with the kids while I work. Excuse me?? If I wanted a wife, I would be with a woman! He seems to desire husband-hood (if that is a word) more than he desires manhood. I told him as nicely and sincerely as I know how that he needs to focus on becoming a man before trying to become a husband. 

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 I am not man bashing nor am I talking down on anyone; in fact, the only man who would be offended by this post is the man described above, who demands so much in a woman but lack those qualities himself. As a man, why would you NOT want to lead, protect, and provide for your woman? Nowadays, women are the ones bringing home the bacon and cooking it too.This is not God’s design for family. Many argue that this is a new day; It may be a “new day” but God’s Word is the same today and forever. And it calls for man (not woman) to be the HEAD of his family.

That is all for now

Love, Mizz K ♥

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God Knows BEST

A few days ago I heard a radio message about trusting God and not getting discouraged when our prayers are not answered right away; and believing He knows what He’s doing when our prayers are not answered at all. This message really stuck to me because it made me think about the many times I’ve prayed for something and didn’t get what I was asking for. I can even remember thinking, Somebody told me that God will give me the desires of my heart so why is He not doing so? (Key phrase: somebody told me) When I actually read Psalms 37:4 for myself, it says, “Delight yourself in the Lord AND He will give u the desires of your heart”. Hmmm, I thought. DELIGHT myself in the Lord. Well what does it mean to delight myself in the Lord? To delight myself in Him is to find happiness in Him…. To find JOY in Him…. Gladness. So I must first get to know Him…. attach myself to Him and Trust Him. I can’t delight myself in what I cannot trust.

So what makes me trust Him? When I look back and think about all the things He saved me from, I realize He’s always had my best interest at heart. He has been looking out for me my entire life by NOT answering every single prayer.  Had he answered my prayer to let me get that job I wanted so badly, I would not have ended up in the position I’m in now which I LOVE! I would not have met my dear coworker/friend who has been instrumental in my spiritual growth. Her knowledge of the Word and thirst for God began impacting my life from our very first conversation. Think about something you prayed so hard about in your past that you can now look back on and say, “Thank You Lord for not giving me what I asked for!”  Had He answered your prayer for that woman or man to be the ONE, you would be miserable now that you think about it. If He had answered your prayer about getting you out of that storm that you felt was killing you slowly, you would not have built up the strength that you have today from GOING THROUGH IT! If you can look back on your life and say, ” If it had not been for [this] I would not be as STRONG as I am today; I would not have as much FAITH as I have in Him today; I would not be as CLOSE to Him as I am today”–   you, my friend, should be able to trust that God was looking out for you back then and He has not stop looking out for you now.

Trust in Him and know that He often has something much Greater in store for us than what we are asking for. I think about a friend of mine. She was a single mother with one child at the time, but took on two of her family members because their mother could not take care of them. She lived in a small apartment and had been trying to move to a bigger place. But every place she applied to denied her application. She did not understand why she kept getting denied because she had good rental history, good credit, and decent income. I remember her being so discouraged. I didn’t understand it either. Why won’t anybody except her application, I thought. Turns out, it was all apart of God’s plan. After being denied by numerous apartments, and just as she was giving up, she was approved to move into a 3 bedroom house! She could rent to OWN this 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, finished basement, big backyard HOUSE. And the payments were much lower than what she would have been paying if she had rented an apartment. I was so happy for her. I remember saying to her, “Wow, so this is why you were denied everywhere you applied. Thank God for not answering your prayer!” Imagine if He had answered her prayer right away and  given her an apartment. She would not be living in her own home right now with more than enough space for her now family of 6. God had a much bigger plan for her than a 2 bedroom apartment.

We may be praying about something that we want so badly but God seems like He’s not hearing us. Or, we may be holding onto something that is not for us, not realizing that God has something, bigger, better, and greater than what we can ever imagine.

 I believe that once we are truly delighted in Him our desires will begin to change anyway, and become His Will. One sure way to know that your prayers will ALWAYS be answered each and every time? Pray for God’s Will in your life. That is one prayer that will ALWAYS be answered.

Love, Mizz K ♥

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Matthew 6:14-15

What if God gave us a limit on how many times He would forgive us? He forgives us EVERY time we ask; so what right do we have to put a limit on how many times we’ll forgive someone? We don’t have to earn God’s forgiveness… Its given to us freely when we ask. So how can we require someone to earn back our forgiveness?

Forgiving others is not a request; it is a commandment. Remember we must forgive to be forgiven

For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespassesMatthew 6:14-15

Love, Mizz K ♥