How Big Is Your Plate?

Recently I was listening to one of my favorite Christian radio shows, “Focus on the Family” and I heard the guest, Kathi Lipp, talk about “knowing how big your plate is.” In other words, knowing how much you can handle. Some people have turkey platters while others have tea saucers, as Kathi puts it. It’s important to know how big YOUR plate is and be realistic about it.

Sometimes as women and mothers, we look at other women and see how much they have going on and suddenly feel like we’re not doing enough. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been guilty of that. I remember at one point looking at other mothers who were active in their community, involved in their child’s school and other extracurricular activities, all while running a business and it made me feel like I should be doing more. What I had to realize and what hearing Kathi Lipp’s message reaffirmed was just because other moms could have all of that going on didn’t mean I could too. I had to be realistic about my schedule. Homework and preparing dinner are always the first two things on the agenda when my daughter and I get home; and then there’s her dance classes, my business, my writing, and other events on any given day. My busy just looks different from other moms’ busy, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

You may go to work and come home every day with nothing in between and be completely worn out. And that’s okay. That’s YOUR busy. There are so many factors to consider- the type and amount of work one does, physical capacity, priorities, childcare, etc. No two people are the same, so we should never compare ourselves to anyone else. It’s the best way to be unhappy.

And Mommies, it’s also okay to have absolutely NOTHING going on!


-Mizz K ♥

One Reply to “How Big Is Your Plate?”

  1. Right…..I’m definitely guilty of thinking that way myself at times.
    I’m also very much guilty of trying to stay on the same pace as others instead of working at the pace that works better for me.


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