I need YOUR help!

Hey Family… I need your help! I’m doing research for some projects I’m working on and I need REAL people, REAL answers. Can you be a part of my research? If so, please comment below OR inbox me your answers to the following questions:

This question is for women:
1. How did the presence or absence of your father affect you as a girl and now as an adult?

  1. Would you be willing to write a short letter to your father that I can possibly publish in a future book??

For both women and men:
1. Are you single or married?
2. If you are single, what are some ways you stay busy? And what advice or tips would you give other singles?
3. If you are married, how did you stay busy when you were single? What advice or tips do you have for singles on making the most out of their singleness?


7 Replies to “I need YOUR help!”

  1. 1. Are you single or married? Single parent  2. If you are single, what are some ways you stay busy? And what advice or tips would you give other singles? I stay busy with my kids everyday activities. With work keeps me busy. I am also involved at my church a lot, from security to taking my kids to rehearsel at church. During my little bit of free time I read a lot. I’m also into sports all kind so that helps as well. Being a single parent can be difficult but I make it work. Over the past 2 years haven’t been focus on dating or talking to anyone. Is challenging when you see your friends and family in relationships, I try not to focus on that. I’m still working on building a better relationship with God. My priorities are God, kids and work. I feel much happier inside being single. I’m learning to love myself.  Kennedy S.  Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device

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  2. My answer to your question is……
    Not having my father in my life is pretty much irrelavant. As a teenager as well a an adult I have yet to continue to wonder why my father wasn’t a father to me. In my younger years of life I knew what he looked like but never knew him, he never acknowledged me as his child and his name isn’t on my birth certificate.I guess I’ve pretty much grown to except it as it is and go on.
    Although I write this response I do see a lot of flaws in myself that could be related to not having a father figure around but then again how can i really be for sure when I don’t really know what to compare.

    I probably wouldn’t write him a letter because we’re clearly past that stage …..he’s been deceased now for about 7 years now.

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  3. Talking of fathers i never had one in my life. Growing up was a real struggle without him…there was always a gap. I knew i was missing something and the fact that my mum never talked about him didnt make it any easier. At some point 4 years ago i reached out to him and we met briefly. He promised we would meet again for a more lengthy talk to reconnect and answer my questions. 4 years down the line we have never met. I now know he is not the man i would want in my life. What shocks most is that he is a “man of God”


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