I Cannot Imagine Your Pain….

I cannot imagine your pain, and cannot begin to relate to your despair.
All that I can offer is my sincere condolences and prayers.

You’ve experienced the worse type of pain and only God knows why.
Don’t be afraid to scream, to yell, don’t be ashamed to cry.

God says ask and it will be given; seek and you shall find.
Continue to seek Him and I believe the purpose will be revealed to you in time.

Don’t think that you can’t seek God for answers so that you can understand:
“What is it that You’re trying to say to me by taking my lil man?”

“Never felt a pain this great; hurts too bad I can’t take it;
I’m told to carry on with my life but I’m just not sure if I’m going to make it”;

“I cannot eat; I cannot sleep; I feel like I’m going insane!
Lord please make clear to me Your purpose for my pain”;

“I know that I’m not supposed to lean on my own understanding and I’m to trust You with all my heart;
But Lord please tell me how do I trust when my life feels like it’s falling apart?”

“I want to bring my burdens to You and lay them at Your feet like it says in Your Word;
I’m trying so hard to put my faith in You that my prayer for better days will be heard”

“Can I really do ALL things do through Christ, like your Word says in Philippians??
Is Your power truly made perfect in my weakness as it says in 2 Corinthians?”

“I’m choosing to trust You today O Lord, as I’ve never trusted You before;
I’m choosing to trust that You will heal this painful sore”;

“The sore that now covers my heart and makes me so afraid to feel;
But today I’m choosing to believe Your Word as I know it’s REAL”;

“I trust that You love me so much You sent Your only Son to die for my sins,
So that I may have eternal life & be united with my son again”

“I’m putting my trust in a God who I read never sleeps nor does He slumber;
I pray that today You supply my need for strength, courage, peace, and for comfort”;

“I trust that all things, even the bad, work together for my good;
Most of all, I trust that You are taking better care of my son than I ever could”

Love, Mizz K ♥

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