Out Of The Mouth Of A Babe

It’s amazing how God talks to me sometimes. He uses the least expected people. He has used my daughter quite a few times to remind me of some things but today He really sat me down.
After picking her up from school, my daughter (9 years old) and I were in the car sitting at a red light. She was looking out the window over at a homeless man lying on the ground. She said, “Mommy look at that homeless man over there.”
I said to her, “I know it’s sad, we just have to pray for him.” The light turned green and I continued on. Once we drove a couple of blocks down, she said “Mommy lets buy him something to eat”.
Now, I have to be completely honest. In my mind I was hoping that thought quickly left her head. I was not in the mood to go into my little bit of money and buy this homeless man something to eat. Plus it would mean making a U-turn and getting back into traffic. So I said, “Maybe next time, there’s no place to buy anything to eat right here”.  I was so hoping she would say okay and leave it alone. But she persisted. And persisted. She said, “Yes it is places to eat Mommy lets just get him something to eat today please”. I felt so bad because she was right. There was a Chinese carry-out on the next street over. So we went and got him some Chinese food. As I was looking through my purse for a five dollar bill, she was telling me to hurry because “he looked really hungry”. I told her that I needed to find that five dollar bill because I did not want to break my last $20. She said, “Just break it Mommy”. So I did.
My daughter has never sounded so mature, and so serious. I believe it was God talking to me through her. It’s no coincidence that I’m currently reading a book, called Your Money Counts; it’s a “biblical guide for budgeting, spending, and giving” which has told me over and over again to GIVE GIVE GIVE!! I have been praying to God to change my heart because I have never been a “giver”. It’s easy to just start giving but I pray for a cheerful heart. The Bible says that it’s more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35). It also says that we should give cheerfully (2 Corinthians 9:7). So I not only want to give but I want to LOVE and get joy from giving. It is truly amazing how God has been transforming my thinking on the whole subject of money and giving while reading this book and studying what the Bible says about it. I’m so glad that He’s answering my prayer and that He used my baby to remind me of what I prayed for.

I would have missed my opportunity to give to someone in need today if it had not been for my daughter’s persistence.  I was so proud of her, I had no words. I was in awe of how happy she was afterwards. She said to me, “I can’t believe I did that. I’m so happy”. I said, “Yes me too. I’m glad I had some money on me so we could do that for him”. She said, “You had money on you because God wanted you to do that.”

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