From The First Day We Met (My experience with love at first sight)

I remember the first day we met.

I looked at you, you looked at me… and I knew I would love you forever.

It was shaky in the beginning. I had to get used to you.

I had never had anyone like you in my life prior to our meeting.

You are so different

You always make me feel special, so appreciated, so loved. 

You keep me laughing through my tears & inspire me to be brave and face my fears.

You love me when I yell and scream… you love me when I fail…. 

You love me even when I am not my best self… you love me when my hair is not done…. you love me when I’m first waking up with morning breath. 

This journey with you has not been easy; but I would not trade it for anything. 

Every time you smile at me, my heart melts. You wouldn’t know this but I sometimes watch you while you sleep. It tickles me to see you smiling in your sleep. I wonder if you are dreaming about me.

I watch you and I thank God everyday for blessing my life with your presence.

There is nothing I love more than you but He who created us.

Kyelia, Mommy has loved you from the very first day we met.

I love you even more today, and my love for you will be much, much stronger tomorrow 

Love, Mommy

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