A Conversation With God

I wrote this about 10 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter and I just came across it while going through some of my old things. I was in a bible study and the teacher gave us a poem where the writer had questions for God; our assignment was to write something similar. It is very short and I didn’t think much of it while I was writing if I was even thinking at all; in my mind I was just completing an assignment. I remember finishing it in about 10 minutes because I did not put any effort into at all. I didn’t know why I was writing this conversation; it wasn’t like it had actually happened. Now that I look back, I realize now that maybe I was asking for something and didn’t know I was. But God knew. At the time of writing this I was 19 years old and pregnant, alone, and living in a youth shelter. I did not think much of myself but I am so thankful that God did. Now that I look back on what has happened in my life in the past 10 years since writing this, He has truly been amazing… I will never be able to put it into words. 

A Conversation With God

I asked God if He loves me & He said, ” Yes”

I asked God if my mother was still around and He said ” Sssh, listen”… and I heard her voice…

I asked God for a chance and He gave me a new life…

I looked in my refrigerator and it was bare. I asked God for something to eat. He told me to close the refrigerator and open it again. I did as He said and when I opened it, there was enough food to last me for months…

I asked God for a dollar and He gave me fifty. I asked God, “Am I worthy of this?” and He gave me fifty more…

I asked God for guidance and He handed me the Bible…

I asked God, ” Who can help me better myself? Who can help me become a better daughter, a more considerate sister, a more loving niece, a more giving aunt, a kinder cousin, & a more compassionate friend? Who can help me become a heaven-approving mother?” He handed me a mirror.

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