She Wishes She Had Your Problems

Abortions have become a form of birth control as you run to the clinic every time you get a positive pregnancy test because it wasn’t “planned”. But there is a barren woman out there who cries herself to sleep because she wishes she can get pregnant.
You complain about not being able to get a break from your children. But there’s a woman who wishes she could hold the child she lost just one more time.
You complain about your husband to your friends and to social media about how your husband always forgets to take out the trash and you have to constantly clean up behind him. But there’s a lonely woman out there who longs for a husband to clean up after.
You complain about your job and the people you work with. Yet there’s a woman who has been on several interviews this week and has received NOT ONE CALL!
You complain about your split ends but there’s a woman who is now bald because chemotherapy has caused her to lose all of her hair.
You complain about your mother always getting in your business and wishes she would leave you alone. “She always has something to say”, you say. But there are women who have lost their mothers and would give anything just to have her back.
You complain about your house being too small. You need more closet space for all of your nice clothes and shoes. But there are women sleeping outside under bridges, on park benches, and in subways.
The message behind this post? There is a woman out there who wishes she had your problems. #StopComplaining

-Mizz K 💜

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