We Like To Blame Our Crying Eyes………..

We like to blame our crying eyes & sleepless nights on the MAN who wronged us,
Who told us he loved us,
Who showed no worthiness… Yet, we LET him inside of us.

What if I told you that you were breaking your OWN heart?
And that YOU actually hold all the power right from the start?

Yet you relinquish it when you agree to do things his way?
Instead of waiting for the real thing you settle for “ROLE PLAY”.

Playing the ROLE of his woman… The ROLE of his wife,
Yet you are just ONE of the MANY women in his life,

Waiting in line for a TITLE, the chance to be called “his”,
MEANWHILE, you cook for him, clean for him, & even take in his kids.

I’ve been there before so I can relate to the pain,
But, I’ve learned from my mistakes and I REFUSE to go back there again.
No need to live in regret because what’s done is already done,
But moving forward you are smarter, much wiser now… you are NOT the ONE!!
NOT the one he can LAY UP with, NOT the one he continues to hurt,
NOT the one to be played with… because now you know your WORTH!
Now, you refuse to settle for less than what you know you deserve!
Why? Because you’ve began studying the 31st chapter in the

Love, Mizz K ♥

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One Reply to “We Like To Blame Our Crying Eyes………..”

  1. This real deep..and if any women go by this then they shouldn’t have a problem with a man because a man will know what you about from the jump


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