What if we had to EARN God’s Grace?

Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus Romans 3:24

What if we had to earn God’s grace?
And He handed it to us in a measuring cup?
And we were only able to use how much we had saved up?

Suppose…. He put a limit
on the number of times we could be forgiven?

Instead of seventy times SEVEN,
He told us no more than ELEVEN!

And the only way to get to Heaven was to not sin at all….
like in Old Testament days when they only lived under the Law?

What if we had to DESERVE God’s love?
And we only received as much as we gave to our sisters and brothers?
And it was based on our works and how we treated others??

Can you imagine if we had to work for the Holy Spirit?

To seal, to heal, to strenghten and comfort us
To guide us
To abide in us
To renew us
To produce in us:

Love, Joy, Peace, Kindness, and Patience
Goodness, Gentleness, Self-control, and Faithfulness

If grace was based on our worth, we would never make it into the narrow gates
But aren’t you glad that God sent Jesus as our way of escape??

Escape from the enemy, escape from our own flesh
Escape from sin, escape from DEATH!

Don’t you find peace in knowing that Jesus came to bear all sin?
Bled and died on the cross and rose again!

For God so loved the world that He gave His only Begotten
So that our sins are not only forgiven they would be FORGOTTEN

Forgiveness is given to us freely each time that we ask
Our iniquities are no more, gone with the PAST!

God does not love us because we deserve it
It is not measured according to our performance or acts of kind service,

God’s unearned love is Bountiful, Eternal, Perfect, UNCHANGING
It is Sacrificial, Fulfilling, Purifying, AMAZING!

The Holy Spirit was sent to Intercede
For all those who believe,

To guide us,
To abide within us

To help, to teach,
To transform, to speak

To fill us, to reveal to us,
To use us, to produce in us:

Love, Joy, Peace, Kindness, and Patience
Goodness, Gentleness, Self-control and Faithfulness

His Grace is limitless, over-flowing, forever FREE
Undeserved, yet over SERVED
Reserved for YOU and ME 🙂

Love, Mizz K ♥

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